Shape the battlefields of the future

We need your expertise to form a vision of how the Army will operationalize artificial intelligence in support of Multi-Domain Operations.

Our adversaries have not sat idly by while the Joint Force fought two insurgencies and the global terrorist threat. Instead, near-peer rivals watched and learned, and they seek to create multiple layers of stand-off to defeat us.

We must evolve our way of war. In this virtual training exercise, you will work with other participants to identify how AI will enable the Joint Force to overcome anti-access and area denial approaches employed by our adversaries in competition and conflict.

How can AI enable the Joint Force in competition and conflict? How can it be used to enable penetration and dis-integration of adversary anti-access / area denial systems? How can AI allow the Joint Force to exploit the resulting freedom of maneuver, and then re-compete to produce a sustainable outcome?

Explore all this and more in the Virtual AI Seminar.

For more information or if you experience any technical issues, email the team.